Walls and H-Block Kit for 50/50 Prime Aluminium Core Frames


Walls and H-Block Kit for 50/50 Prime Aluminium Core Frames

3D printed H-Block and Walls for the for the 50/50 Prime Aluminium Core Frames, These will fit any of the Prime frames currently on the market including 250mm - 270mm - 290mm. These are the standard style with clean minimal sides.

This Kit includes 4x walls in the clean simple stepped design, 2x h-blocks and 2x additional axles.

If you're looking for some custom themed walls such as the Nintendo controller/console, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc or something totally unique get in touch with us.

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One of the best features of the Prime core frame is it's versatility allowing for a huge range of wheel set up options from large wheels to small, Hi-Lo, flat or rockered. The three standard set up options we provide is Max 65mm flat (FAST!), Max 60mm flat (large groove and versatile) and our favourite - 64/60mm Hi-Lo (Fast AND a large groove).

We spent a ton of time designing, testing and tweaking the groove to perfection. You now have the unique Cake Quad Groove. It's the perfect balance between minimal wheel bite and optimal boot down angle for riding flat and steezy easy royales. Don't be fooled, while huge wide grooves will help lock on but they do not help with wheel bite as they tend to be too deep resulting in wheels closer to the ledge or too large a groove radius so you don't get a solid lock in leading to slop and movement during slide. That's why we created the large wide radius main groove so it's impossible to miss and guides the grind edge into the centre of your frame. Additional smaller 45° and fastslide grooves in the centre of the main groove allow for positive solid lock on for long stable grinds, these grooves also acts as a pivot point for clean controlled switch ups. We've created maximum wheel bite protection wings possible without them getting in the way. Finally the edges are chamfered precisely to prevent the edges hanging up when carving hard but just enough left over to cess slide on the edge of the block instead of the wheels.

Our walls and H-Block are separate pieces in order to create much stronger printed parts, if they were printed as one piece they have weak layers leading to snapping at thin high stress areas particularly at the front and rear axle. This also allows for way more customisation, one of the core values here at Cake.

Is it obvious we obsess over the tech stuff? Well we obsess over the looks too, we think these are sweet AF.


Check out the huge range of colours here

These will fit any of the Prime frames currently on the market including 250mm - 270mm - 290mm

Due to the groove and wheel bite prevention optimised for each specific wheel set up (60mm flat, 64/60, etc) we recommend using wheels equal to or close as the max stated size, 2mm smaller will still work perfect, 4mm smaller will work but protection will be close to the ground.

Please be aware that ALL orders could take up to 4-6 weeks to be fulfilled depending on how busy our printers are. We are a small start up and have limited capacity. Every plastic part is printed on demand to your specifications just for you. To give you an idea, some parts can take up to a full 24 hours to print (i.e. ONE yeti soulplate). If this wait is a problem, don't order.