THEM Skates

Speeder One Piece Soulplate for THEM Skates

THEM Skates

Speeder One Piece Soulplate for THEM Skates

Pair of one piece Speeder Soulplates for THEM Skates, works perfect on both the 909 and older 908.

Wondered where the name speeder comes from? They are inspired by Luke's bad ass landspeeder in Star Wars A New Hope. Pew pew.

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Go wild you can pick whatever colour that best suits your skates, your style (or your sports team). In our opinion contrasting the boot always looks the best. If you want something totally custom like dual colour, glow in the dark upper, go faster stripe etc fill in the custom box and get in touch.

We are currently testing out two part soulplates like the facet for Salomons, if you want to try these out instead get in touch.

The original THEM square UFS receivers are a bad design, at the toe at least. The thick receiver results in thinner plastic, this combined with a very small surface area with sharp edges results in far too much stress on a small area of plastic. We have done a lot of testing and this was a potential failure point, we've also seen lots of reports and pictures of the original THEM soulplates failing at this point. There's no issues with the heel receiver as this is naturally stronger due to the heel raise. We've done away with this square receiver at the toe and provide every pair with new traditional round UFS receivers.

These soulplates use the original bridge hardware that comes with your skates but If you need new better quality (Torx) M4 soulplate fixing screws or you've lost yours you can find them in our hardware section.

Nice wide backslide groove not too deep not too shallow should put your foot at the optimal angle for royales using most frames.

Each size soulplate is slightly different but roughly the soul space is as followed - Positive space 41mm - Negative 35mm

Currently available in Small -  Not so extra small (NSXS) and medium.

 > Schmedium > Large> Extra Small  coming soon

Please be aware that ALL orders could take up to 4-6 weeks to be fulfilled depending on how busy our printers are. We are a small start up and have limited capacity. Every plastic part is printed on demand to your specifications just for you. To give you an idea, some parts can take up to a full 24 hours to print (i.e. ONE yeti one piece soulplate). If this wait is a problem, don't order.