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Antirocker Wheels

Cake - Sweet Blading Equipment

Antirocker Wheels

Custom totally unique 3d printed Anti rocker wheels available in various sizes, designs and colours. Comes in a set of four. 

We recommend 45mm for most people but check the size tab below for more guidance.

Click here for details on colours we offer



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Choose between bearing takers and straight to axle(bearingless) wheels. We recommend bearing takers to ensure the wheels roll over steps or tops of transition and doesn't snag up. Downside of this is you need additional bearings and spacers, plus side is any old worn or cheap bearings will work great. (currently we don't supply bearings but if this is something we get requested enough then that may change). If you don't have spares or want to save some cash then go for straight to axle wheels. 

SPACERLOK - Installing anti rocker wheels can be frustrating AF trying to line up frame spacers, bearings and bearing spacers, our bearing taker anti rockers come with our unique SpacerLok tech which makes installing axles into wheels and removing bearings a breeze. Point the indicator arrow on the wheel up and your spacer lines up precisely with the bearing allowing you to slide in the axle. Need to remove bearings? just rotate the wheel so the indicator arrow points down and you'll see the spacer drop down, then use the axle to push the bearing out the wheels. Sometimes gravity sucks, sometimes it comes in useful.

Current graphic designs include the Cake C Logo, Skully the skating skeleton, Skully and crossbones, lightning bolt, dots, grumpy pumpkin. We also have some pretty unique wheel shapes available like tyres, nuts, etc.

Want something totally custom like your name or crew tag? easy, just type the text you want in the box. 

Want your wheels to pop? Go for dual colour. This process requires expensive printers and it takes a lot longer to print and wastes more material which results in a small additional fee. If you pick single colour you will still need to select a second colour in the drop downs (website limitation) but don't worry, we will only print the primary colour.

Our antirockers are made using PLA-ST or PLA+ depending on the colour. Slides well and durable. Urethane antis do not make any sense at all, you may as well ride flat and get the benefits of urethane if you have the negatives.

Choose from three diameters - 45mm, 50mm and 55mm. 

For the huge majority of skaters we recommend 45mm, this is the perfect size for all antirocker frames on the market using outer wheels up to around 65mm.

If you have a frame designed for flat with a shallow groove or with wheelbite protection we recommend 50mm wheels but bear in mind most aggressive skaters use 56mm to 60mm outer wheels this leaves only 3mm to 5mm gap between anti and the ground on fresh outers, uneven floors or small stones are not gonna be your friend.

For some crazy bigger wheel set ups go for 55mm antis. 

Want a custom specific size? Get in touch.

Please be aware that ALL orders could take up to 4-6 weeks to be fulfilled depending on how busy our printers are. We are a small start up and have limited capacity. Every plastic part is printed on demand to your specifications just for you. To give you an idea, some parts can take up to a full 24 hours to print (i.e. ONE yeti one piece soulplate). If this wait is a problem, don't order.