Colours and Materials

Customisation is King

Admit it, you're here because you want your skates to look good, stand out, be unique. Customisation is a core fundamental of Cake philosophy right behind improved performance and unique aesthetics. What's the best way to customise something? Pick out whatever colour you want. We currently offer around 30 colours for grindy parts like soulplates, antirockers, frame walls etc. We offer around another 15 colours for the flexible midsoles including some crazy options like colour changing, translucent and fluorescent. I'm not even going to count the colours available for skate's a lot. 

Black - White - Grey PLA-ST

Our Favourite material for grind parts here at Cake is PLA-ST, it is high performance at a very reasonable price (it's more expensive than PLA+ but we don't charge you any extra). ST stands for super tough, this stuff is very high impact resistant and flexes a little, perfect for the abuse it's going to get from disaster topsouls. It also slides great. The downside is it only comes in Black, Natural White and Grey (which has a cool subtle blue tinge in there).

Huge Range of Colours for Grind Parts

For the majority of the other colours for durable grind parts we use PLA+, This is the go to material for skate parts. Performs great, prints well, available in a huge range of amazing colours shown below. Little bit of advice and warning - Ice white is insanely white, we're talking Essex wife fake teeth white, if that's your thing then go for it but to match the majority of shells and frames on the market we highly recommend you go for natural white (which is also the stronger faster PLA-ST).

1.Black 2.Cold White 3.Natural White 4.Bone White 5.Grey

6.Pine Green 7.Green 8.Olive (Army) Green 9.Peak (Apple) Green 10.Silver

11.Brown 12.Light Brown (tan) 13.Orange 14.Gold (Dark Yellow) 15.Yellow

16.Navy Blue 17.Electric Blue 18.Light Blue 19.Violet 20.Purple

21.Fire Engine Red (Blood Red) 22.Bright Red 23.Magenta 24.Pink 25.Beige (Skin/Light Pink)

Flexible Parts - Midsoles

For the soft durable flexible parts we use TPU generally in hardness of around 95A (yes it is measured the same as urethane wheels) but can vary between 92A (softer) and 98A (harder) for different filament manufacturers. We offer TPU in solid colours and translucent (see through) colours.

Colour Changing

We even offer a TPU material that is colour changing depending on the temperature, the change happens between around 25° to 30°c so body temperature, hotter climates and direct sunlight will activate it.

Premium Filaments

For those of you that like something that bit extra special we have sourced some special PLA and TPU products from premium filament manufacturers. These perform exceptional and come in great unique colours, we don't keep these in stock due to the cost but get in touch if you want any of these colours send us a message or drop a note on the checkout page. If you have an exact colour match requirement get in touch, we can probably source it for you. 

Sparkle Grey

Oh, there is one premium filament we will always keep in stock because it is so. damn. good. We have managed to source an EXACT colour match for the sparkle grey that Salomon used on many of its skates but most well known is the Feinberg Pro shell. It looks and performs incredible.