Facet One Piece Soulplate for USD Carbon Skates - coming soon.


Facet One Piece Soulplate for USD Carbon Skates - coming soon.

Pair of solid one piece Facet Soulplates for USD Carbon Skates, Untested on Carbon frees.


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Go wild you can pick whatever colour that best suits your skates, your style (or your sports team). In our opinion contrasting the boot always looks the best. If you want something totally custom like dual colour, glow in the dark upper, go faster stripe etc fill in the custom box and get in touch.

We are currently testing out universal two part soulplates for flat bottom boots like the facet for Salomons, if you want to try these out instead get in touch.

Please triple check your boot size and use the EU size when ordering do not go off the UK and US sizes on your tag, USD switched around the UK and US sizes for a few years but EU stayed the same throughout.

Nice wide backslide groove not too deep not too shallow should put your foot at the optimal angle for royales using most frames.

Each size soulplate is slightly different but roughly the soul space is as followed - Positive space 41mm - Negative 35mm

coming soon

Please be aware that ALL orders could take up to 4-6 weeks to be fulfilled depending on how busy our printers are. We are a small start up and have limited capacity. Every plastic part is printed on demand to your specifications just for you. To give you an idea, some parts can take up to a full 24 hours to print (i.e. ONE yeti one piece soulplate). If this wait is a problem, don't order.