Facet Two Part Soulplate For Salomon Boots - Full Kit


Facet Two Part Soulplate For Salomon Boots - Full Kit

This is a full soulplate kit that includes a pair of soulplates, a pair of midsoles, Torx mounting screws and a Torx tool. 

You DO NOT have to mod your Salomons to use this kit and they will convert non-UFS boots to UFS.

See below for detailed information on sizing, specs etc.

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These soul kits are innovative in design with features never before seen or used in blading. 

Salomon Soulplate comes with a pair of soulplates (the grindy bits). These are durable, slide great and easily replaced without having to buy full kits every time.

The midsoles are made of lightweight, flexible and extremely durable TPU which is the same material Salomon shells are made from. This results in up to 50% lighter soulplates. The midsole provides sound dampening so you get that nice satisfying thud on landings. Shock absorption is provided due to the printed pattern designed to compress under load unique to CAKE midsoles. These midsoles also allow for way more customisation options to create split colour set ups and mix & match different midsole designs as they come out in the future.

We provide the required quantity of mounting screws with a few more thrown in as spares. Our screws are high quality stainless steel with a large head perfect for plastic parts, pre applied nylon threadlock patch to prevent screws coming loose mid session. How many of you have rounded off the hex countersunk screws that come with Salos? Annoying right? Our screws are Torx type to prevent rounding off the head and make installation and removal a breeze and we wish every skate brand would switch to Torx. Oh yeah, we also supply a T20 Torx tool with every kit, the perfect size to prevent overtightening.

Pick whatever colour combination you want, white midsole, red soulplate? Go wild you can pick whatever setup best suits your skates, your style (or your sports team). We did some math, this web page alone allows for over 100,000 different customisation options. Not enough choice? Get in touch we'll source what you need.

These soulplates DO NOT require you to modify your boots or remove your nubs. If your boots are one of the early non UFS models then these soulplates are designed to allow UFS receivers to be installed in between the boot and the soulplate after removing the UFS receiver tab on the midsole. We do still recommend drilling the UFS holes in your boot and installing the UFS receivers inside the boot for additional responsiveness and strength but is not required. We can provide the UFS receivers, just head over to our Hardware section. 

These will also work on boots that have been modded and the nubs removed however we are currently developing a Universal soulplate without the nub recesses.

These are designed to fit the ST hard shells PERFECTLY, we are talking zero gaps. 

The original ST8 & ST9 and all STi soft boots are a slightly different shape boot and slightly bulges out in a couple of areas at heel and toe, the soulplates and midsoles will fit no problem but the bulges will create very small gaps, don't want gaps? No problem, we designed the midsole to be easily cut to shape around the bulges using scissors then the gaps gone.

We have designed a soulplate for every individual size.

Size 24.5 - 25.5 - 26.5 - 27.5 - 28.5 - 29.5 and 30.5 available now. 

Size 23.5 will be designed but no one has asked for it yet.

Please be aware, currently our printers cannot print the 29.5 and 30.5 *soulplates* in dual colour (soulplate and midsole can still be different colours).

Salomon sizing -

Salomon created boots using Mondo at the forefront which is exact dimensions such as 25.5cm, each boot 10mm different in length to the next which makes it great for finding the perfect fit rather than random numbers UK7 US8 and EU41. 

- PLEASE - WE BEG YOU - FIND OUT YOUR EXACT *SHELL* SIZE before you order. Do not order based on the sizes mentioned on your liner as they could be different to the shell. You will find the size stamp on the inside of the SHELL, either on the inside base near your little toe or on the upper inside wings. (IGNORE the CUFF and SHOCK stamp as are dual DUAL SIZE items as in they fit in two shell sizes). The stamp on the shell will state 28.5 or 28-28.5. Check the final images in this products gallery to see the location of stamps.

Size chart coming soon.

Please be aware that ALL orders could take up to 4-6 weeks to be fulfilled depending on how busy our printers are. We are a small start up and have limited capacity. Every plastic part is printed on demand to your specifications just for you. To give you an idea, some parts can take up to a full 24 hours to print (i.e. ONE yeti one piece soulplate). If this wait is a problem, don't order.